Monday, January 28, 2013

Buy This, Not That. Frugal Budget Living

On a frugal budget we all have to live without a lot of the things that we thought we needed some much. In some cases we know some things just pop up that have to be bought. These things may not be a super emergency, but they are needed in our everyday life. You know, like when your headed to work, your phone starts to die and you haven't replaced the car charger that broke three weeks ago. More like three month for me. How about when you leave the house and forget to brush your teeth. I know some of us may have that travel pack ready, but that's not me. I am just not that organized. When your living on a frugal budget, you don't always have a 50 dollar bill in your pocket. Let's be honest. You would be lucky to have anything in your pocket or you wouldn't be reading frugal living posts. Anyway, in these cases sometimes we have to come up with a cheap fix. We all know the poorer you get, the more crap that happens and we have to pinch penny's even with the little things.Lets see were we could save a buck with a buy this, not that comparison.

                                    Buy this, not that

Dollar Tree $1                                                                   Walmart $3.19

 Lets start with the simple things like forgetting to brush your teeth and your meeting the boss today. You might think to run over to the local Walmart real quick and freshen up. If you cant find the travel pack you could spend $4 to $6 just grabbing toothpaste and a toothbrush. Add in some floss and you might spend up to $9. Hope you packed, but if not there goes lunch. The same products you would buy would only cost $3 with floss at the Dollar Tree. I am sure just about all of us have a everything for a dollar store now days. You just saved $6 and have a stash in the glove box for the next time this happens. Also you now know were to save on these products in the future.

                                       Buy this, not that 

                          Dollar General $8                                                    Walmart $15
 How about the sell charger that we all need. They all break. Nothing last these days. I think its a conspiracy to make us all spend more money. My problem is, I'm to cheap to spend $25 at my local wireless provider on one. So, I go for the generic brands. Which most of us do. I get mine from Dollar General for $8 and sometimes even less. Walmart carries some for $15 and up. If its going to break anyway in a year, I think I would like to pay less for it. Plus the $8 one is cheaper in a pinch. You just saved $7.

We've all been here right?

Wow, can stuff happen at the worst times. How embarrassing for that guy. It happens to the best of us. The problem is. It seems like we are always far from home when it does. Those were probably his favorite pants.  A lot of us wear top brand clothing and replacing it can be costly. Levis $40-$60, Nike workout shorts $25-$35, Docker $35-$55, Express $55-$80 and some more or less. Stop shopping at those stores that sell you   clothes from a commercial. Its like their sign out front says Took-By-Us. Stores like Marshall's and T.J. Maxx have all the same clothes and more for half the price. These stores will save you tons of money all year long. So the next time you have a split or a spill, try to make it over to one of these stores and don't get took.

Having a flat tire is the worst. This can really bring down a good day. Especially when you are on a frugal budget. More then 60% of all drivers are driving around with no spare. Why? Because they used it the last time they got a flat. First off, learn to change a tire. Even if you need to practice at home. Secondly, don't call a tow truck to take you to the nearest tire shop. I'm sure you have a friend that could come pick you up and they might even help with the tire changing. A tow could cost $150 on average. Which you don't have to throw away. You could give your friend $10 for gas and I'm sure they will be happy.  Now, the tire cost. We are trying to live frugal right? Tire cost can range from $100 to $300 and more. Depending on what you drive. When you get to the tire shop, ask the sales person if they have a good used one that will fit your car or truck. Don't take no for an answer. They change good tires all day. They have something that will work. A good used tire is less then $25 to $60 mount on your rim. Change all four of your tires for new ones when its time. But, Today you just got away from spending a few hundred dollars. After paying for the tire and giving your friend gas money, you have spent $70 or less getting rid of this headache.

The point is to pay attention to what you spend your money on. Even in a pinch. If it wasn't for pinches then we would all have more money anyway. If it works the same, it is the same. Don't throw your money away.

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  1. I actually had the paints thing happen to me just the other day. I wicks. Nice read.